Welcome to Adult ADHD Unplugged! I’m Bruce Brown. I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD six weeks before my 70th birthday.

My relative quick journey to my diagnosis started with the free assessment, which is available to anyone.

I encourage others with Adult ADHD who are committed to reshaping the rest of their lives into their best years. Having this disorder isn’t something any of us would have chosen. For many of us, the energy and creativity often associated with Adult ADHD can work to our advantage, once we learn to manage the disorder. Most of us with Adult ADHD feel different from people without the disorder and can benefit from support to get the most out of our lives.

I am not a therapist, counselor, medical professional, or expert on Adult ADHD. I do know what it’s like to live with ADHD from childhood. I adopted compensating strategies, some of which worked and others failed. I hope to build a strong community of people with Adult ADHD who want to continue to learn about our condition and support and encourage each other along the way. The Adult ADHD Unplugged Community will be stronger and better with your participation. I commit to lead our community with integrity, energy, sincerity, and good humor.

My hope is that people in the Adult ADHD Unplugged Community will feel a sense of relief and connection with other community members. I’m convinced we will pull strength from each other to be our best selves.

Adult ADHD Unplugged was born in 2017, shortly after I received my diagnosis. I turned to the Internet to find helpful resources. I discovered highly qualified experts and virtual support groups available. None, however, provided the unique combination of empathy, support, resources, education, and humor you will find in the Adult ADHD Unplugged Community.

I’m excited to start the Adult ADHD Unplugged Community and for the chance get to know and encourage other Adult ADHD community members. Like many people with Adult ADHD, I have had many jobs, careers, and businesses. The launch of the Adult ADHD Unplugged Community feels like my most important work to date. I look forward to our continuing to learn and grow together.

The Adult ADHD Unplugged Community is a virtual enterprise that will deliver its English digital products and services around the globe. You can expect to be invited to join a Facebook group where I will consistently ask you what you need, and based on your feedback will develop courses, create podcasts, and develop other resources to help you reshape the rest of your life.

If you’re ready to feel like you’re in the right place with “your people”, then I encourage you to become an active participant in our Adult ADHD Unplugged Community!

Again, if you’re wondering if you might have Adult ADHD, be sure to take the free assessment.

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