Adult ADHD Distractions – Conquer with Practical Strategies Part 2

Adult ADHD Distractions and Practical Strategies

Adults with ADHD often have challenges staying focused on the task at hand and avoiding distractions. This article is Part 2 of a four-part series titled “Strategies for Conquering Everyday Adult ADHD Distractions while Working, Driving, Dating, and Shopping”.

If you want the complete four-part report, click here to download Strategies for Conquering Everyday Distractions while Working, Driving, Dating, and Shopping. These practical strategies are especially valuable for adults with ADHD.

To read Part 1, which is on the topic of minimizing distractions while working, click here.

Minimizing Adult ADHD Distractions While Driving 

Unfortunately, Adults with ADHD are prone to more reckless driving than adults without the condition. This fact means that for their own safety and for the safety of other drivers and passengers on the road, those with Adult ADHD must take extra precautions while driving.

Adult ADHD Distractions yellow car

These tips are all for all drivers, but especially for those with Adult ADHD, who have a higher tendency to be distracted than the other 95% of the driving population. Adults with ADHD need to more consciously raise their awareness of driving safety.

Your moving car with you at the wheel is not a place for:

• Making phone calls
• Texting, emailing, Web browsing
• Grooming
• Eating and/or drinking
• Socializing too much with passengers
• Playing with a pet or child
• Reading maps or directions
• Learning how to operate the car’s controls
• Adjusting mirrors and rearranging moving items in the car
• Driving over the speed limit or driving recklessly
• Looking at the scenery
• Reaching into the back seat for items
• Driving while impaired from alcohol or drugs
• Playing loud music to stay awake
• Managing playlists and changing CDs
• Arguing with your passengers or other drivers

For your own safety and the safety of your passengers and other drivers and passengers around you, focus 100% on your driving!

It goes without saying to make sure you and your passengers always wear seat belts.

A few more reminders for safe driving include carrying your driver’s license and obeying all road signs.

A common reason for anyone to drive recklessly is because they are late for their destination, so be sure to allow extra time in your schedule to avoid feeling you have to make up for lost time when you’re behind the wheel of a moving car.

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