Adult ADHD Distractions – Conquer with Practical Strategies – Part 3

Adult ADHD Distractions and Practical Strategies

Adults with ADHD often have challenges staying focused on the task at hand and avoiding distractions. This article is Part 3 of a four-part series titled “Strategies for Conquering Everyday Adult ADHD Distractions while Working, Driving, Dating, and Shopping”.

If you want the complete four-part report, click here to download Strategies for Conquering Everyday Distractions while Working, Driving, Dating, and Shopping. These practical strategies are especially valuable for adults with ADHD.

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Minimizing Adult ADHD Distractions While Dating

Adult ADHD Distractions dating coup[e siting at a coffee shop table

Presumably, you’re dating someone because you want to have fun and get to know the person better. If you have Adult ADHD,  don’t let it cause you to approach dating haphazardly.

Useful Tactics

Try some of these useful tactics to move your dating relationships forward.

• Be prompt; use a timer to get you to your date a few minutes before the planned time.
• To help stay focused on the conversation, use eye-contact. If you look around too much, your date will think you’re bored.
• If your mind wanders and you lose the train of the conversation, ask for a rerun.
• Ask your date what they would like to talk about, and be sincerely interested in their experiences, interest, and opinions.
• Don’t interrupt; make a conscious effort to listen more than you speak, especially when talking about yourself.
• Your date is trying to get to know you so let your genuine self shine – i.e., your energy, spontaneity, and creativity.
• Suggest a few different activities during a single date to help you control your physical restlessness. Once you both agree on the activities for the date, don’t suggest any more.

A Few More Suggestions

• Don’t start to say something, and then say, “Never mind”. That implies your mind was wandering.
• Don’t spend beyond your budget. Prepare your spending plan before your date and stick to it.
• Dates are no work zones – no email, texting, or work calls.
• If you run into a friend while on a date, introduce him or her to your date, and include your date in a three-way conversation.
• Focus on what you’re learning about your date, and not what they’re thinking about you.

• If you make plans for the next date, enter it into your calendar on the spot with a digital reminder to be sure you can meet your commitment.

After the Date

* Take it slow; most people allow three dates with a person before they decide whether they want to pursue the relationship to the next stage.
• After the first few dates with someone new, write down your thoughts, questions, and impressions about the person. Note what else you would like to learn about them.

Use your dates wisely to get to know the person you’re dating. Help them get to know you, including your ADHD traits.

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