Adult ADHD Distractions – Conquer with Practical Strategies – Part 4

Adult ADHD Distractions and Practical Strategies

Adults with ADHD often have challenges staying focused on the task at hand and avoiding distractions. This article is Part 4 of a four-part series titled “Strategies for Conquering Everyday Adult ADHD Distractions while Working, Driving, Dating, and Shopping”.

If you want the complete four-part report, click here to download Strategies for Conquering Everyday Distractions while Working, Driving, Dating, and Shopping. These practical strategies are especially valuable for adults with ADHD.

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Minimizing Adult ADHD Distractions While Shopping

Adult ADHD Distractions woman with purse going shopping

Shopping is a necessary activity, but if you have Adult ADHD with the inherent tendency to be distracted, your financial, emotional, and time costs will be at risk unless you manage distractions while shopping.

Try these tactics:

• Leave the kids at home with a babysitter.
• Go with an understanding friend who will help you stay on task vs. applying unnecessary peer pressure.
• Plan what you will buy, how much you should spend, and where you will shop.
• Label each item on your list as a “need” or a “want”, so you can prioritize by “need”.
• Write down your plan and share it with your shopping companion.
• Avoid shopping at the most crowded times.
• Avoid shopping in high distraction zones such as overly decorated malls with music blaring to push your emotional buttons.
• Don’t go shopping if you’re hungry or tired.
• Set a definite timeframe for your shopping trip by setting a timer to prompt you to be on time for your next commitment.
• Take an empty envelope on each shopping trip to keep track of all shopping lists, budget notes, receipts, coupons, flyers, and parking garage tickets.
• Pay close attention to price tags, return policies, and returning your plastic card to your wallet after each purchase.

A Few More Suggestions

• Keep the “fun” in shopping by resisting the temptation to check the news, email, text messages or any work-related projects while shopping.
• Pay close attention to your feelings of being ‘not sure’ about a purchase now. Don’t buy clothing that doesn’t fit today, but you think will look great after you lose 10 pounds. It’s always better to pass on those type of purchases, no matter how great the deal looks at the time.
• Experiment by alternating real shopping trips with “window shopping only” trips to build your confidence.

Shopping can be fun with the right strategies in place.

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