How to Manage Impulsiveness in an Adult ADHD Relationship

Love at First Sight

Adult ADHD Relationships couple finding love at first sight
Can you picture this?

It’s the spring of 1970. I’m feeling amazing. I have no clue that I have Adult ADHD. I’m wrapping up my first year of teaching high school English.

I’ve made new friends with the other young teachers in my school. My red MGB sports car is running well and I just splurged on a new, yellow, very small Suzuki motorcycle.

With no social prospects for the weekend, I decide to ride my bike to my alma mater and ask one of my fraternity brothers to find me a blind date. I want to show off my new bike to the brothers and maybe it will help attract a fun date.

When I get the name of my blind date, I check out her photo in the yearbook and am a little concerned. She’s cute and has a round face. That’s cool but I hope she’ll fit on the back of my tiny bike! Whew! When I meet her, I’m relieved to see she looks like she weighs only about 100 pounds. We’re ready to ride!

Got that?

So, little did I know at that moment that I just met my bride of almost 46 years. I proposed to her 13 days later.

What happens when a young couple finds love at first sight — and one of them has undiagnosed ADHD?

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Adult ADHD Diagnosis Clarifies Underachiever Label

Underachiever or ADHD?

Did everyone think you were an underachiever in school? Did you believe it too? Possibly it was something else. Perhaps, like me, you have Adult ADHD, and your impairment wasn’t diagnosed when you were in school. You can get a better understanding of yourself by starting with the free assessment test I took. Just click here to take the test.

As I’ve been learning about Adult ADHD, several themes are now loud and clear. One of the loudest and clearest messages is that many adults with Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder carried the underachiever label in school.

I know in my own case it was true. Around the time teachers started assigning homework, I became an “underachiever.”

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If You Think You Have Adult ADHD, Ask Your Friends. They Already Know.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have Adult ADHD, ask your friends. They already know.

You can’t rely on friends for an actual, official diagnosis with which to obtain treatment. You can, however, get some pretty good feedback from people who know you the best.

If you’re wondering about it yourself, and your friends think you have Adult ADHD, that’s when it makes sense to take the free assessment and then check in with your doctor. Perhaps my experience can help you.

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How I discovered I have Adult ADHD with a Free Self-Assessment

If you’ve wondered if you have Adult ADHD, maybe my experience will help. Starting with an Adult ADHD self-assessment, I was eventually diagnosed with Adult ADHD very recently. The clarity and understanding I’ve gained have been wonderful.

Without question my life view has changed since my Adult ADHD diagnosis. That may seem extreme, but it’s true. I now look back, all the way to kindergarten, with a different understanding of why I behaved in some ways. I’ve changed how I think about myself today and have adjusted some of my behaviors and a lot of my thinking. And the future? Wow, my future looks brighter than ever now that I have changed parts of my own self-concept.

Here’s how I discovered that I have Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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