Adult ADHD Free Resources

We are pleased to offer our Adult ADHD Free Resources for you!

  1. FREE ADHD Symptom Assessment to review with your doctor,
  2. FREE Report to help you Conquer Distractions,
  3. FREE Weekly Tips – Coping with Adult ADHD.

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Adult ADHD Free Resources – Symptom Assessment

First, if you suspect you might have Adult ADHD, take the FREE assessment. We suggest you then share the results with your doctor as soon as possible.

 Adult ADHD Unplugged photo of Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Symptom Checklist

Adult ADHD Free Resources – Conquer Distractions Report

Second, do you need help conquering distractions? Get our FREE report with strategies to help you focus when working, driving, dating, and shopping.

Suspect You Might Have Adult ADHD

FREE Weekly Tips – Coping with Adult ADHD

Third, FREE Weekly Tips – Coping with Adult ADHD, delivered right to your inbox – Sign up by clicking the button below:



We will be adding more free resources often, so please check back on the page frequently.