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We use this website to share what we learn about ADHD as it relates to productivity, relationships, health and fitness, and awareness of ADHD itself. We hope that what we learn can help other people with ADHD. When we learn new strategies, we will pass them on. We want to hear other peoples’ stories and strategies, too, on Adult ADHD Unplugged.

Below you will find information about ADHD and productivity, ADHD and relationships, ADHD and health and fitness, and ADHD itself.  In several sections below there are links to more detailed information on this website or elsewhere. The number of links will increase in time.

First, we’ll answer some of the common questions and concerns about ADHD.

What is Adult ADHD?

Adult ADHD, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurochemical condition. ADHD impairs the brain’s executive functions, including decision-making, memory, judgment, and organization. While there is no cure for Adult ADHD, it is the most treatable mental health condition.

Adult ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

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Adult ADHD Unplugged is also a channel for raising awareness about this brain disorder, as only about 20% of adults worldwide with ADHD have been diagnosed and treated.

There is no simple blood test or ADHD test to determine if someone has ADHD. Only a skilled and experienced medical practitioner can make an accurate ADHD diagnosis through assessments and interviews about how a person thinks and acts at home, school, and work.

Follow this link to read our post about How to Get an Adult ADHD Diagnosis.

There are various treatments for ADHD, which include:

  • Medications to rebalance neurotransmitters in the brain
  • Neurofeedback
  • Behavioral medication
  • Diet and supplements

People with Adult ADHD often use a combination of treatments to manage their symptoms. Remember not to try to be your own doctor. Remember also we are not medical professionals are not providing this information as medical advice. We are sharing what we learn and in some cases, what works for us as an ADHD couple – one with ADHD and one without ADHD.

Follow this link to read our more comprehensive blog post about Adult ADHD Treatments.


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Adults with ADHD need effective productivity strategies to help them succeed at home, school, and work.


These blog posts provide practical strategies to help adults with ADHD manage distractions.

1 – Minimizing Distractions While Working

2 – Minimizing Distractions While Driving

3 – Minimizing Distractions While Dating

4 – Minimizing Distractions While Shopping


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Relationships are fraught with challenges for many adults with ADHD, including their relationships with family members, co-workers, neighbors, and significant others.

Without a diagnosis regarding my brain disorder, I compensated for 69 years. I lead a successful life, including my 47-year (so far) marriage to Marge, who does not have ADHD.

Marge and I hope to inspire others with ADHD to learn from our journey and to create healthy relationships in their own lives. These blog posts explore a few common Adult ADHD relationship issues based on our experience.

How to Manage Impulsiveness in an ADHD Relationship

Reflections of an ADHD Husband

Ten Ways to Love Your ADHD Partner

Health and Fitness

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of striving to live well with Adult ADHD is the importance of eating nutritious food and exercising regularly.

Nutrition – What you eat on a daily basis affects your appearance, health, mood, energy, sleep, and self-esteem.  Read this post to Find Out How Your Adult ADHD Diet Works for or Against You.

Exercise – Daily exercise builds your strength and endurance, improves your appearance, health, and mood, and helps to control your appetite. Read our more in depth post about Exercise and ADHD here.

Personal Development (Mental Exercise) – Even 15 minutes per day devoted to personal development via books, podcasts, or meditation improves productivity, relationships, confidence, and goal-achievement.

Support – Most people do best with managing their nutrition, exercise, and personal development with the support of others. This support can come from a coach, mastermind, accountability partner, or support group.


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ADHD is commonly misdiagnosed and often misunderstood. Some of the most frequently asked questions about Adult ADHD are in this blog post, Adult ADHD FAQ for Adults Who Suspect They Have ADHD.


Adults recently diagnosed with ADHD or yet to be diagnosed can expect layers and layers of self-awareness to unfold as they absorb the implications of their condition. Like me, they might find amazing clarity about things in their lives that they never quite understood until their diagnosis. Understanding the role ADHD played in a person’s life in the past and will continue to play going forward is a powerful journey of self-discovery.

How I Discovered I Have Adult ADHD with a Free Self-Assessment

If You Think You Have Adult ADHD, Ask Your Friends. They Already Know

ADHD Diagnosis Clarifies Underachiever Label


Adult ADHD compromises a person’s executive functions. It’s important for people with Adult ADHD to understand what executive functions are and how ADHD impacts them. That knowledge can then motivate them to seek customized treatment and develop new skills and strategies to cope with their unique brain’s impairment.


Adult ADHD affects individuals differently. Since no two people are living the same life experience, strategies for coping with Adult ADHD vary from person to person.

Why I Started ADHD Unplugged

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Six weeks before my 70th birthday, I received my Adult ADHD diagnosis. You can read my ADHD story in this post, How I Discovered I Have Adult ADHD with a Free Self-Assessment.

I’ve had many careers, from truck driver to therapist. Currently, I’m a contributing journalist for two websites, Digital Trends (, and Health Tech Insider ( I’m married to Marge Brown, who does not have ADHD. We have three children with amazing partners and five grandchildren.

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