Adult ADHD Unplugged Who is Bruce BrownWelcome to Adult ADHD Unplugged! I’m Bruce Brown. I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD six weeks before my 70th birthday.

My relative quick journey to my diagnosis started with a free assessment I found online. It’s available to anyone.

I want to encourage others with Adult ADHD. We are reshaping the rest of our lives into our best years. Most of us would not have chosen ADHD brains. For many of us, the energy and creativity often associated with Adult ADHD work to our advantage, once we learn to manage the condition. Most of us with Adult ADHD feel different from non-ADHD adults. We all benefit from support to get the most out of our lives.

I am not a therapist, counselor, medical professional, or expert on Adult ADHD. I do know what it’s like to live with undiagnosed ADHD from childhood. Some of my compensating strategies worked, while others failed. I hope to connect with people with Adult ADHD who want to continue to learn about our condition and to support and encourage each other along the way.  I commit to communicate and lead with integrity, energy, sincerity, and good humor.

OK, so that’s who I am relative to Adult ADHD and this page. But who am I really?

Who is Bruce Brown?

I’m pleased to introduce myself.

I was born in Maine in 1946 and moved with my family to Connecticut in 1955 when I was eight years old. I grew up and went to school in Connecticut. I earned a B.S degree in English at the University of Connecticut. I also have graduate degrees in Psychology and Counseling. I took many more graduate courses than I needed just because I enjoyed it.

Adult ADHD Unplugged Marge Brown
Marge Brown

Marge and I got engaged 13 days after a blind date in April 1970. Marge and I married that August. We currently live in Leland, North Carolina and just celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary.  We have three fantastic children, who each have strong partners. We’ve also blessed with five happy and healthy grandchildren.

Just for fun, and because I like looking at them, here are some family photos.


I’ve worked in many jobs, small businesses, and professions. If you’d like more details, feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile.

To sum up my career history,  I’ve been a high school English teacher, a counselor, college professor, computer consultant, freelance computer and tech journalist, a real estate agent, life and business coach, a health and fitness coach, and a book author.

My current day job is writing for two tech websites about motorcycles, trucks, cars, SUVs, superyachts, and health technology.

Who is Marge Brown?    Welcome to ADHD Unplugged! I’m Marge Brown, Bruce Brown’s wife. Since Bruce’s Adult ADHD diagnosis, we launched this site to help raise awareness about Adult ADHD and to provide help in in three areas — relationships, productivity, and health and fitness. I research and write many of the blog posts and tips for our subscribers.  Please contact me with your suggestions at any time at Marge@AdultADHDUnplugged.com.

In in addition to contributing to Adult ADHD Unplugged, I’m authoring several books and managing our digital publishing business. I love to work and play with Bruce, visit our kids and grand kids, cook, read, watch good movies, and walk our dog, Happy. We join 5K walks on a regular basis to support worthy causes and stay in shape.


This is Happy, our Double Doodle…the best dog ever!







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